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How to choose a Senior Photographer – Part 5 – NWA Senior Pictures

How to Choose a senior photographer – Part 5 – Why SumPics is the NWA Senior Pictures Choice

This is part 5 of a 5 part series on how to choose a senior photographer in Northwest Arkansas (NWA).  This series is meant to provide you with questions to ask about senior photography before hiring someone.  Your senior photographer will actually like being asked most of these questions before booking you for senior pictures. Asking questions shows your interest in the process.  It also means your senior photography sessions will go more smoothly and your senior portraits will look better!

NWA Senior Pictures

The final post in my how to choose a senior photographer series. This photo fits with finishing the walk down the road to your photographer choice.


Did you like reading these posts?  Give me a call and we can have coffee.  Hopefully you will like me as much in person as you have while reading.  Admittedly these posts were a little dry, but I’m not quite so boring in person!


Packages start at $1750.  You can see a partial list of products and prices on my pricing page. SumPics has great product offerings including wall art, albums, prints, and specialty items like iphone cases.

Contracts and Model Releases

I have both. We will review them when you book your session.  This is the time when we can cover all the small details about your session and ensure you are getting what you need.

Quality of Work

I have won several competitions in the PSNWA (Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas).  I also placed first in the fine art category at MAPSYM (Mid-America Photography Symposium) in 2013.  I was recognized as one of the best photographers of 2013 by

Creative Senior Photographer

Strawberry Flambe placed first in the fine art category at MAPSYM in 2013. This type of creativity is what I bring to Senior pictures.


My style is primarily fashion/glamour. Lifestyle and photojournalistic are part of the model program.  The SumPics Seniors model program gives you the opportunity for a complete NWA Senior Pictures package.  During the course of the model program we will use each of these styles.

Level of service

With SumPics you receive off the charts service. From start to finish you will be impressed with the personalized service you will experience. My goal is to not only provide you with beautiful and memorable photographs, but fond memories of your senior photo experience that will last for years to come.  

So, of course I believe that SumPics photography is the best choice for NWA Senior Pictures!  Jump over to booking and let’s get started.

Northwest Arkansas Senior Pictures
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