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How to choose a Senior Photographer – Senior Photography Sessions Service

Choosing a senior picture photographer – Part 4 – Service in Senior Photography Sessions

This is part 5 of a 5 part series on how to choose a senior photographer in Northwest Arkansas (NWA).  This series is meant to provide you with questions to ask about senior photography before hiring someone.  Your senior photographer will actually like being asked most of these questions before booking you for senior pictures. Asking questions shows your interest in the process.  It also means your senior photography sessions will go more smoothly and your senior portraits will look better!

Senior Photography Sessions

In a senior photography session the environment should add to the scene. What will you do when bad weather threatens?

For this article I’m going to refer to service during the actual senior photography session.  Service should extend from the first time you interact with your photographer until you have graduated and even beyond.  For this post we will focus on only during the session.

Time in senior photography session

How much time do you have to get all the senior pictures you want?  It’s important that the photographer is providing enough time to get what you need from the session.  You also don’t want to go too long at one time.  It can be exhausting to be in front of the camera for a long time.

Senior Photography Sessions with Friends and Family

Who can I bring to my session? Is it OK if I bring my best friend? Can my boyfriend come and watch the session? My little sister wants to join me, would that be alright? There are any number of people who might join you for your session. Remember that these are YOUR senior pictures.  I recommend that you either do a separate session to include other people, or at least have them present for only part of the session.

Senior Photography Sessions and bad weather

Outdoor senior photography sessions are very popular. If it starts to rain or some other type of bad weather occurs  -what happens to your session? Most photographers will be happy to reschedule if nature won’t cooperate, but it’s best to know before it happens.

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