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How to choose a senior photographer – Part 1- Northwest Arkansas (NWA)

Choosing a senior picture photographer – Part 1

This is part 1 of a 5 part series on how to choose a senior photographer in Northwest Arkansas (NWA).  This series is meant to provide you with questions to ask about senior photography before hiring someone.  Your senior photographer will actually like being asked most of these questions before booking you for senior pictures. Asking questions shows your interest in the process.  It also means your senior photography sessions will go more smoothly and your senior portraits will look better!


Your journey to choosing a senior photographer.

When it comes to choosing a photographer for senior pictures there are many things you should consider. After all, your senior pictures are probably one of the last times that you will have professional portraits until your wedding – and even then it’s not all about you (although some brides might disagree)!  So to be sure that you have portraits that really show who you are these are some tips to consider.

Senior Photographer Personality

Does the photographer make you feel good?  This is someone that you will be spending a moderate amount of time with. Most people are not that comfortable with having their picture taken anyway.  Why add to the discomfort by using a photographer that you don’t trust?  You should meet your photographer in person before the day of the session.  You want to be sure that you will get along with them. The easiest way to do that is to talk to them before you’ve made an investment.


If you ask about the expected investment at various stages it can help you to establish trust as well.  By asking about session fees, product costs, retouch fees, rescheduling fees,  digital images, proofing and any surprise fees that might come your way you can get a feel for your senior photographer.  I personally believe that there shouldn’t be any hidden fees, because it just makes me a little uncomfortable.

Contracts and Model Releases

This may seem backwards, but a contract and model release should make you feel more comfortable with your senior photographer.  If they have a contract then at the signing they will go over every detail of what is expected of them and what is expected of you.  The contract is often a checklist so that the photographer knows they have covered everything with you.  A model release lets you know where your photos will be used and shows that the photographer is interested in using your photos on their website. A senior photographer with a contract is a professional, and will treat you and your photos with respect.

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