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Premier Senior Portrait Photographer in Northwest Arkansas


If you are searching for the right senior portrait photographer in NWA, you have come to the right place. I have put together some information that will help.

Choosing the right photographer is a tough decision. As a parent you want to be sure you have great pictures when your senior leaves for college. As a senior you want awesome pictures to share with your friends.

Read below to find ways to get these amazing pictures. There are tips for things you can do as well as ways to pick the right photographer for you. 

Ways you can make your high school senior pictures better!


Improve your senior pics with sleep, skin care, attitude, hair care, and style choices.

These five tips are useful for any photography session. These tips will help you look better in your pictures. We all want you to look good!

All photography is a collaboration between the photographer and the model. You bring your personality and sense of self while I capture that in the best way possible. Taking these tips to heart makes my job easier and makes your senior pics better.

Take a few minutes to review these quick and easy tips. Share them with your friends to help them have better senior pics too!


Fashion Inspired Senior Portraits

I focus on seniors so that I can indulge in fashion inspired portraiture. By specializing in seniors I am a better senior portrait photographer.

Paying attention to fashion trends helps me make you look good. Check out my Pinterest page and see some of the things I’ve pinned for your viewing pleasure.


Creativity – We have fun on a concept shoot.


Concept shoots unleash your creative side.

You will experience creativity when you choose SumPics as your senior portrait photographer. Creative pics are unique. When you share these creative shots with your friends you are showing your own originality.

I am a member of the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas. By surrounding myself with other creative photographers in the PSNWA I am able to be inspired and provide you with the best there is to offer.


How to choose a Senior Portrait Photographer

Part 1. What type of person do you want as a senior photographer? Make sure the photographer is someone you can get along with. It is a good idea to check their pricing and business processes, too.

Part 2. Evaluate the proficiency of your senior portrait photographer. A quick message about quality in portraits. It is good to know how to spot proper exposure and color balance.

Part 3. Various photography styles that might interest you. From fashion to photojournalism you should find a photography style that suits your needs.

Part 4. Here are some questions and answers to service oriented questions in senior sessions. Since all people are different you may not want certain services, but this post helps you ask the right questions.

Part 5. Why I am the best choice for your senior portrait photographer. This post gives you my answers to all the questions asked in the first four parts of the series. If my answers and yours are the same then book now!

Senior Photographer

What should your senior portrait photographer be like?

Senior Photography

Your photographer should have a grasp on the basics.

Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits come in a variety of styles. What is yours?

Senior Photography Sessions

What do you get in your photography session?

NWA Senior Pics

SumPics is the best Senior Portrait Photography choice.

Senior Model Program – senior models

Senior Models

Experience being a SumPics Senior model!

The model program is the best way to get a variety of senior portraits. By using multiple sessions along with event photography we truly capture your seniors last year of high school. Here are five reasons to be a senior model.

I would truly like to be your senior portrait photographer! Give me a call and we can chat about making your senior pictures amazing!

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