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Senior Pictures from Northwest Arkansas to Pasadena

Senior Pictures
We traveled from Northwest Arkansas (NWA) to Pasadena, Texas to do senior pictures for Jonathan.  We had a great visit since Carrie has been friends with Jonathan’s mom since middle school.  It was also an awesome opportunity to get some senior portraits of a great looking senior.  I’ve added some of these to my portfolio.


We went to his schools football practice field to get some shots of him with a football since he played defensive back for the Mavericks.  The skies were filling with clouds which made for an awesome backdrop for this shot.  I like the idea of capturing a part of the seniors life in their senior pictures.

football senior portrait
This entire shoot was done using hand held bare speed lights because my light modifiers and light stands were going to be a challenge to carry on the plane.  I liked the opportunity to do some bare light work for senior pictures. Balancing the lights with sunlight made for some great portraits.  The bare lights provide a harder light than those with light modifiers.

At the Park

We went to a local park and did some shooting in a gazebo and with trees.  Of course Texas trees aren’t as good as Arkansas trees (and there are less of them), but these shots worked well.  I know that they are pleased with the look of these senior pictures and this shot against a tree was the one they chose for a large metal wall print.

Senior Photo

Senior Pictures Outdoors

We visited the San Jacinto monument.  This is the worlds tallest monumental column and it looks pretty cool.  I mostly wanted the rock and concrete that surrounds it as a backdrop for some shots of Jonathan.  I particularly liked this picture with him wearing his shades.

Unique Senior Pictures

On the Beach

Creative Senior Portraits
We went to the beach, which was a short drive from the monument.  Sadly, when we got to the beach the day was rapidly cooling and the wind was picking up.  We only got a few shots there before everybody decided it was just too miserable to continue shooting.  Once away from the beach it felt much warmer; how’s that for messed up?

Headed Home

We returned to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) to snow and ice. When we got off the plane we had high winds blowing sleet into our faces. Such a contrast between the warm weather near the gulf and the wintery bluster of the Ozarks.  You can read more about the trip at, my wifes blog.

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Huntsville Softball Pictures of Manager| Becca – Events


Between games checking the books with the ump.

Home Game

Huntsville, Arkansas was the location of the Lady Eagles softball team when I attended this game.  I went to a double-header to get some Huntsville softball pictures of the team manager and the team.  While I was glad for the chance to watch the game, I was more interested in capturing some great shots of Becca as she did her part in support of the team! So here are some Huntsville softball pictures for your enjoyment.

 Team Manager

Becca is the manager of the Huntsville Eagles senior high girls softball team.  This means she has her manager bag filled with items to use. She keeps first aid items, powerade, and pre-wrap in case she needs to wrap an ankle or a wrist. One of her jobs as manager is to confer with the umpire between games. During this time she is verifying his identity for the school and collecting his information.


Becca with her manager bag. Watching the game.

Huntsville softball pictures

It was great to see the girls in action at the game. You can see the emotion on their faces. I could tell that Becca enjoys her job as manager and that the team likes having her as manager.

Huntsville softball pictures

Watching as the game continues. It was getting darker and the light was changing.


Often we forget how important these sporting events are to the community. The players and managers of these teams are providing the rest of us a reason to socialize. They also give us entertainment and allow us to let go with some cheering. I am happy that I was able to take some Huntsville softball pictures at Mitchusson Park.

Now that you have seen a little bit about events check the sessions page see what to expect from a SumPics senior portrait session!

How to get Awesome Senior Pictures!

awesome senior pictures

Open up by putting your hands behind your head to increase confidence.

As a senior you want to project confidence, high self-esteem, and attitude. When you are comfortable and sure of yourself you get awesome senior pictures. As a senior portrait photographer I want this too.

I came across a video where Amy Cuddy talks about how body language and posture convinces our brain that we are confident and powerful. Her study shows that how we act influences how we feel. This means we act confident and start to feel confident! So let’s act confident.

Awesome Senior Pictures Advice

In this TED talk she gives us a few ‘power poses’. These poses increase testosterone and reduce cortisol. The increase in testosterone means you feel more confident. Lower cortisol reduces nervousness and helps you stay calm. My statements are simplifications. She does a better job of explaining in the video. Here it is.

senior portrait photographer

Hands on hips for two minutes can increase confidence!

What is a Power Pose?

As Amy says in the video a power pose is sitting or standing in a certain way. The wonder woman pose has hands on hips. Lean back in your chair with your hands behind your head and your arms open. Raise both arms above your head in a V for victory. I envision this one with the chin lifted and a joyous shout. Woot!

Boost your confidence before the shoot

Putting this information to use is simple. Before your senior photography session take two minutes and power pose!  This is not posing for the camera. This is posing so you feel good about being in front of the camera. If you feel good about yourself you will have awesome senior pictures.

Power Posing during a shoot

I will use these techniques to help loosen you up for your senior pictures!  We will get some shots of you doing these power poses and hamming it up. These will probably not be shots we use. Still, they should be fun to play with.

Use Power Posing after the shoot

After your awesome senior pictures are finished you can still use this information.  As Amy mentions in the video these techniques help with job interviews.  Power posing could help you before a test.

Do some power posing before a college interview to make a better impression.  There are so many ways that this information can be useful to high school seniors!

Think of times when you need a shot of confidence and pose before them. This gives you a quick shot of confidence.

So, if you are looking for awesome senior pictures in northwest Arkansas contact me about booking your session!

Huntsville High School Senior Pictures | Events | Becca

northwest arkansas senior pictures

Hoping for a rally during a girls softball game at Huntsville, AR.

Part of the SumPics Senior Model program is photographing events. High school senior pictures should be more than a single two hour snapshot of your senior year. You should have photos that showcase your entire senior year.

high school senior pictures

Enjoying the game! Becca smiling while talking to a player in the dugout at Mitchusson Park in Huntsville, AR.

Focus on YOUR Senior

For this event I was focused on capturing pictures of Becca at a Huntsville softball game.  She is the manager for the Lady Eagles.  I captured images that show her involvement. With these event shots Becca has some great photos to include in her high school senior pictures.

Sporting Events – Manager

This game was a double-header.  I was able to capture Becca in both daylight and evening pictures.  I’m looking forward to doing more events with Becca.

Exciting Event Coverage

With events photography you get photojournalistic coverage of things you do during your senior year. I photograph sporting events, academic events, or extracurricular activities in which you participate. This means you have both high quality amazing posed portraits and awesome pictures from your activities through the year.

senior picture events team chat

Huntsville Lady Eagles between games at a double-header getting a pep talk from the coach.

High School Senior Pictures can be challenging for parents

Many parents find it challenging to capture good pictures of seniors during their senior year.  With the events portion of the SumPics Model program you get pictures of your senior doing the things they actually do during their senior year. Event coverage can range from sports to pageants.

Albums: A High School Senior Picture Keepsake

These events will definitely round out an album in a nice way.  Artistically presenting these event photos with the fashion styled portraits from their senior session portrays the real senior. An album provides you with an heirloom keepsake that will last throughout the years.

Click the link and choose which level of the  SumPics Senior Model program suits you.

Senior Pics | 5 tips to Spectacular Senior Pics

5 Ways you can improve your senior pics

Senior Pics

A good nights rest can make a big difference in Senior Pics.

Super Sleep

Try to get a good nights sleep. Admittedly an early bedtime isn’t fun, but if you are well rested you will look better in your senior pics. If all else fails you could always nap during English class! I’m joking. I would never suggest sleeping in class. Unless you can do it without getting caught 😉

Smooth Skin

Do some skin care in the week leading up to your shoot. While the make-up artist is going to work wonders with your skin, it helps to have well conditioned skin to work with. Basically be sure to wash and moisturize before going to sleep and your senior pics will look smashing.

Northwest Arkansas Senior Pictures
Drop the Drama

Do your best to forget about any problems in your life and enjoy the moment. Carpe Diem! This is a tough piece of advice to follow, but it’s important. You should focus on the positive during your senior pics session. This is a time that is all about you. Take ownership and be fully present.

Happy Hair

If you need a haircut, do it at least one week before your senior pics. You never know what a change in style could do to your senior pics. Making a change early gives you plenty of time to get used to it. Also, if you don’t like it you might be able to change it to something you do like. Of course, the stylist is going to do amazing things with your hair before the shoot, but why make it too much of a challenge?

Arrange your Apparel

Talk to your senior portrait photographer before the day of the shoot and decide what’s best for you to wear.  Don’t make your clothing choice a last minute decision. Your comfort is important and your senior pics will look better. By knowing in advance what you are wearing you will be less stressed. You can also check out my pinterest style board for some tips.