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5 reasons the SumPics Senior Models program rocks!

SumPics Senior Models are Awesome!

Senior Models

SumPics Senior Models program offers great opportunities for you! Taylor rockin’ it in Van Buren. Wouldn’t you love your senior pictures to look like this?

You might be wondering: what’s so great about being a SumPics Senior Model? Why should you seek out a referral to participate? Here are 5 reasons being a SumPics Senior Model is awesome!

1.  Exclusive Senior Models Program in Northwest Arkansas

The only way to become a SumPics senior model is by referral. I want SumPics models to have an experience that isn’t available to just anybody. The best way to make this happen is to keep it exclusive, and only take new Senior Models by referral. Your experience and photographs will be completely one-of-a-kind!


This is an example of one type of shot I can capture for my senior models. I love capturing these pensive looks.

2.  Unique Shoots that are only available to SumPics Senior Models

Throughout the year I will offer various opportunities for senior pictures far beyond the “senior photo’s” norm.

  • Go to a destination shoot. The pictures highlighted on this page are from a train trip with the Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas (PSNWA).  This is the kind of activity that will make being a senior model for SumPics unique and fun.
  • Produce fashion trend videos. Imagine how much fun it would be to create and star in a fashion trend video!
  • Model for a boutique clothing store. I will be working to create partnerships with northwest Arkansas boutiques.
  • Create concept shoots. Throw ideas at me or sit back and see which of my ideas grabs your attention.

3. Custom Mobile Apps

SumPics Senior models receive a custom mobile app. This app has all your model shots so you can share with friends. It’s easy to use and perfect for sharing on Smartphones. Who wants to try to carry around paper prints to give to your friends anyway?

4. Multiple Sessions that Span Your Entire Senior Year

During your senior year you will have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of three guaranteed sessions: at least one models only session, your own unique individual model session, and your senior session. That’s not even counting your social blast sessions (see #5)! As a Senior Model, you’ll also be invited to concept shoots that are for models only.


Taylor modeling in front of a little shop in Van Buren.

5. Lifestyle Pictures from Your Senior Year

From sports to quiz bowl and prom right up until graduation, I will attend events that you participate in to get candid pictures. This gives parents the chance to enjoy the game or event without worrying about taking pictures, and you the chance to make sure you have some great photos of the people and activities that matter the most in your life – in real time! Only SumPics Senior Models get the opportunity to capture their entire senior year this way.

So there are five fantastic reasons to become a SumPics Senior Model! Not only will you get all of these amazing experiences, but you’ll also be getting the best senior pictures in Northwest Arkansas!

If you are interested in becoming a SumPics Senior model, share this post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinerest, and Twitter, and hopefully one of the current models will refer you! I can’t wait to see what amazing photographs the 2014-15 SumPics Senior Models create!