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Senior Picture Session Information – SumPics – Northwest Arkansas

 Senior Picture Session Information

You may be asking “What exactly comes in a SumPics Session?”.  Here are your answers!

Low Worry – High Energy

Your session will be low-key in terms of worry and hassle, thanks to the planning we’ve done in your pre-session meeting. Once your session begins, you can count on high energy and excitement as we create the awesome images you’ve envisioned!  SumPics sessions are unique, creative, and exciting!


You will either already be stunning from your trip to the salon, or we will start makeup and hair when you arrive (another detail determined in the pre-session meeting).  Professional makeup is included in SumPics Senior Picture sessions.  Before the shoot we will discuss whether you are getting on-location or in-salon makeup.


This piece of senior picture session information depends on the situation.  We will meet at the studio or at a predetermined location.  Lights will be set up for our initial shot when you get there.  We will determine locations prior to the shoot and the location will vary depending on your needs and what location suits your unique personality.  This is another area where your input comes into play so we can craft the images specifically to you.

How long?

We shoot until I am sure we have the amazing images that you expect!  A session will usually be between 1 and 2 hours.  It’s a good idea to give yourself time before and after the session so that you won’t feel rushed at either end or distracted during the session.


During the session you will have time to change outfits and have fun creating lasting memories of your senior year.  We will discuss various choices of clothing depending on whether we are doing a concept shoot, model shoot, or your unique senior picture shoot.

Senior Model Program

Visit the senior model program page for more information about Sumpics Senior Models and the information specific to that program.

Visit the booking page and give me a call!  I’m sure that we can schedule a session that will absolutely thrill you.


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