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Senior Pictures from Northwest Arkansas to Pasadena

Senior Pictures
We traveled from Northwest Arkansas (NWA) to Pasadena, Texas to do senior pictures for Jonathan.  We had a great visit since Carrie has been friends with Jonathan’s mom since middle school.  It was also an awesome opportunity to get some senior portraits of a great looking senior.  I’ve added some of these to my portfolio.


We went to his schools football practice field to get some shots of him with a football since he played defensive back for the Mavericks.  The skies were filling with clouds which made for an awesome backdrop for this shot.  I like the idea of capturing a part of the seniors life in their senior pictures.

football senior portrait
This entire shoot was done using hand held bare speed lights because my light modifiers and light stands were going to be a challenge to carry on the plane.  I liked the opportunity to do some bare light work for senior pictures. Balancing the lights with sunlight made for some great portraits.  The bare lights provide a harder light than those with light modifiers.

At the Park

We went to a local park and did some shooting in a gazebo and with trees.  Of course Texas trees aren’t as good as Arkansas trees (and there are less of them), but these shots worked well.  I know that they are pleased with the look of these senior pictures and this shot against a tree was the one they chose for a large metal wall print.

Senior Photo

Senior Pictures Outdoors

We visited the San Jacinto monument.  This is the worlds tallest monumental column and it looks pretty cool.  I mostly wanted the rock and concrete that surrounds it as a backdrop for some shots of Jonathan.  I particularly liked this picture with him wearing his shades.

Unique Senior Pictures

On the Beach

Creative Senior Portraits
We went to the beach, which was a short drive from the monument.  Sadly, when we got to the beach the day was rapidly cooling and the wind was picking up.  We only got a few shots there before everybody decided it was just too miserable to continue shooting.  Once away from the beach it felt much warmer; how’s that for messed up?

Headed Home

We returned to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) to snow and ice. When we got off the plane we had high winds blowing sleet into our faces. Such a contrast between the warm weather near the gulf and the wintery bluster of the Ozarks.  You can read more about the trip at, my wifes blog.

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