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Huntsville Softball Pictures of Manager| Becca – Events


Between games checking the books with the ump.

Home Game

Huntsville, Arkansas was the location of the Lady Eagles softball team when I attended this game.  I went to a double-header to get some Huntsville softball pictures of the team manager and the team.  While I was glad for the chance to watch the game, I was more interested in capturing some great shots of Becca as she did her part in support of the team! So here are some Huntsville softball pictures for your enjoyment.

 Team Manager

Becca is the manager of the Huntsville Eagles senior high girls softball team.  This means she has her manager bag filled with items to use. She keeps first aid items, powerade, and pre-wrap in case she needs to wrap an ankle or a wrist. One of her jobs as manager is to confer with the umpire between games. During this time she is verifying his identity for the school and collecting his information.


Becca with her manager bag. Watching the game.

Huntsville softball pictures

It was great to see the girls in action at the game. You can see the emotion on their faces. I could tell that Becca enjoys her job as manager and that the team likes having her as manager.

Huntsville softball pictures

Watching as the game continues. It was getting darker and the light was changing.


Often we forget how important these sporting events are to the community. The players and managers of these teams are providing the rest of us a reason to socialize. They also give us entertainment and allow us to let go with some cheering. I am happy that I was able to take some Huntsville softball pictures at Mitchusson Park.

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