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How to get Awesome Senior Pictures!

awesome senior pictures

Open up by putting your hands behind your head to increase confidence.

As a senior you want to project confidence, high self-esteem, and attitude. When you are comfortable and sure of yourself you get awesome senior pictures. As a senior portrait photographer I want this too.

I came across a video where Amy Cuddy talks about how body language and posture convinces our brain that we are confident and powerful. Her study shows that how we act influences how we feel. This means we act confident and start to feel confident! So let’s act confident.

Awesome Senior Pictures Advice

In this TED talk she gives us a few ‘power poses’. These poses increase testosterone and reduce cortisol. The increase in testosterone means you feel more confident. Lower cortisol reduces nervousness and helps you stay calm. My statements are simplifications. She does a better job of explaining in the video. Here it is.

senior portrait photographer

Hands on hips for two minutes can increase confidence!

What is a Power Pose?

As Amy says in the video a power pose is sitting or standing in a certain way. The wonder woman pose has hands on hips. Lean back in your chair with your hands behind your head and your arms open. Raise both arms above your head in a V for victory. I envision this one with the chin lifted and a joyous shout. Woot!

Boost your confidence before the shoot

Putting this information to use is simple. Before your senior photography session take two minutes and power pose!  This is not posing for the camera. This is posing so you feel good about being in front of the camera. If you feel good about yourself you will have awesome senior pictures.

Power Posing during a shoot

I will use these techniques to help loosen you up for your senior pictures!  We will get some shots of you doing these power poses and hamming it up. These will probably not be shots we use. Still, they should be fun to play with.

Use Power Posing after the shoot

After your awesome senior pictures are finished you can still use this information.  As Amy mentions in the video these techniques help with job interviews.  Power posing could help you before a test.

Do some power posing before a college interview to make a better impression.  There are so many ways that this information can be useful to high school seniors!

Think of times when you need a shot of confidence and pose before them. This gives you a quick shot of confidence.

So, if you are looking for awesome senior pictures in northwest Arkansas contact me about booking your session!

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