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Senior Pics | 5 tips to Spectacular Senior Pics

5 Ways you can improve your senior pics

Senior Pics

A good nights rest can make a big difference in Senior Pics.

Super Sleep

Try to get a good nights sleep. Admittedly an early bedtime isn’t fun, but if you are well rested you will look better in your senior pics. If all else fails you could always nap during English class! I’m joking. I would never suggest sleeping in class. Unless you can do it without getting caught 😉

Smooth Skin

Do some skin care in the week leading up to your shoot. While the make-up artist is going to work wonders with your skin, it helps to have well conditioned skin to work with. Basically be sure to wash and moisturize before going to sleep and your senior pics will look smashing.

Northwest Arkansas Senior Pictures
Drop the Drama

Do your best to forget about any problems in your life and enjoy the moment. Carpe Diem! This is a tough piece of advice to follow, but it’s important. You should focus on the positive during your senior pics session. This is a time that is all about you. Take ownership and be fully present.

Happy Hair

If you need a haircut, do it at least one week before your senior pics. You never know what a change in style could do to your senior pics. Making a change early gives you plenty of time to get used to it. Also, if you don’t like it you might be able to change it to something you do like. Of course, the stylist is going to do amazing things with your hair before the shoot, but why make it too much of a challenge?

Arrange your Apparel

Talk to your senior portrait photographer before the day of the shoot and decide what’s best for you to wear.  Don’t make your clothing choice a last minute decision. Your comfort is important and your senior pics will look better. By knowing in advance what you are wearing you will be less stressed. You can also check out my pinterest style board for some tips.